Radio Campaign

  • This campaign was created after a high-profile rape case in the city of Delhi, India, sparked off a series of debates in the media, in casual conversations etc., where the victim of the rape was blamed for bringing the crime upon herself. This is a pattern that is seen repeating itself, any time a rape is reported in the country. In fact, 90% of accused rapists get an acquittal if and when the case ever reaches the court. We launched a nation-wide protest, vehemently opposing this attitude of transferring blame for the crime of rape on the victim herself.

    In these spots, we take other crimes, like a terrorist attack, theft and kidnapping and get people to react to it just as they would react to rape. The spots ask the question, "We don't treat other crimes this way. Then why rape?"

    Since, the radio spots were to be run nation-wide, they were in English. However, it's what is known as Indian English and has regional nuances to it. For instance, Indians often switch between their regional language and English while speaking, which is what our characters in the spots also do. And, in ‘Theft’, the character is a sophisticated Bengali lawyer, which is why he speaks English with a very crisp anglicized accent. He also refers to Lenin as brother – that’s because Bengal is a communist state and holds communist values of equal distribution of wealth close to its heart.