• Aman Nischal

    Strategist | Creative Director | Designer

  • I have been part of the marketing and communication industry for over 20 years and the exposure to multiple brands and their brand trajectory have added a sharp, critical strategic outlook to my natural storytelling abilities. My dabbles with Tech Startups have made me comfortable with UX / UI, PnLs, and project management. To sum it up I have been effectively working in the fields of Planning, Creative, Account Management, UX / UI with overlapping roles. My roles have also required me to set up and scale in-house creative agencies, like most recently in my current role at RoundGlass and in the past at Stanza Living and scaled up the existing roles of the in-house agency at HCL.

    I am currently the India Head - Brand communication Marketing and Creative at RoundGlass, a Health- Tech Startup in the space of holistic wellbeing. My role involves managing the communications strategy across all verticals at RoundGlass and keeping them in sync with the Global brand. The role requires working closely with the Global Marketing team and bringing Indian sensibilities and cultural understanding to the product while creating a unified brand recall for both internal employee engagement and external consumers.

    While my work created widespread awareness for the brands, it also received recognition at various international advertising awards including Cannes, One Show and Asia-Pacific Adfest.